Assignment 1 : Local communities

In preparation read the section entitled ‘ The Photographic Brief’ in Short , M . (2011) Creative photography :context and narrative . Lausanne AVA Publishing , pp.20-26.

The brief

Produce a small photo essay of 10 images that demonstrates your engagement with the lives , experiences and histories of your local community and its people.

Decide on a single theme , topic  or activity to focus on.

Do this assignment with only one camera and one lens. If you only have zoom lenses then decide on one particular focal length and don’t move the zoom from that position.

Provide a short commentary ( 200 words ) explaining your ethos and rationale along with your images.

For this assignment submit 10 unmounted quality prints . The size should be 8 x 10 or A4.

Initial thoughts

My heart sunk reading the brief , I am not too sure how I can show my involvement with the local community photographically.

One initial idea I had was photographing the health centre where I work. I obviously have easy access  but owing to patient confidentiality would be restricted to what  I could document . I rather like the idea of a portrait based series of fellow colleagues and this might be something I shall consider for a future assignment.

The assignment brief states I have to demonstrate my engagement with the lives ,experiences , and histories of my local community and its people–eek!

I love to photograph people but do not like to capture images surreptitiously  and another idea  I had was to photograph neighbours in their homes/gardens etc , but had no inspiration as to a theme.

A portrait based documentary project interests me but I really need to think carefully of how to make it interesting and relevant. More research needed I think. 

I am glad prints are required , I always print all of my assignment work.
It is the final part of my personal workflow.

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