MoMA. New York

IMG_0876An enjoyable visit with the main aim of seeing the  photography section but I also spend a long time looking around the museum enjoying all the other art exhibits. (My iPhone images are not great )

Sigmar Polke

 Potato House

Sprouting potatoes growing up a frame–below –caused amusement , not only to myself and hubby , but to the two ladies and gent seen in the picture.


 Akram Zaatari 

After They Got the Right to Arms. Fourteen young men posing with guns’ 

The images of young men posing with guns were thought provoking , especially striking was the one below. What was such a young boy doing with a gun? The answer is not straight forward as the photographs were studio based portraitures and that Zaatari’s work involves re-using found images such as these . His work questions what can be understood from these re-worked documents , and how truth and history can therefore be misunderstood. An interesting and important concept worth considering , what impact does this have on the documentary value of such images? . 



Richard Avedon

The highlight for me was to see some of Richard Avedon’s work , I admire his portraiture immensely. The highly detailed large scale print from the series In the American West was wonderful. Avedon spent around 6 years taking portraits of drifters , cowboys , and the disadvantaged he encountered on his journey. Using a white background his subjects are isolated from their surroundings , the intensity of his subjects gaze makes it impossible to look away. Documentary portraiture like this interests me immensely , I have a personal preference for using a plain background , I would love to have such characters pose for me ! 






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