Assignment 1: Local photo shoot opportunity

My son-in law Andy is a local illustrator and part time university lecturer based in Worcs.He has a small Web- based clothing and print business  –Golden Rivet clothing inc.  Along with my daughter he has worked closely with The Miss Galaxy Universe Show , an all female combined fitness and beauty pageant, since 2012.

The organisers and competitors form a close community who participate in numerous events throughout  the year . Andy chooses one competitor from the summer show to become Miss Golden Rivet and feature on his next Golden Rivet calendar. This year two girls were chosen to appear on the calendar and the photo shoot , planned for the end of August, is going  to be at nearby Ashdown WW2 Camp Evesham Worcs. Andy’s friend and colleague photographer Lowell Mason is going to be responsible for obtaining the main images for next years calendar.

Andy asked me if I would like to go along this year as he wanted some behind-the- scenes shots. It will be a great chance to practice documentary type photography and additionally watch a professional photographer at work . I  was still struggling with ideas for the assignment and the idea occurred to me that I could incorporate the day’s events with my first assignment .

 Although the calendar is aimed at a specific market as a behind- the- scenes photographer I will have the perfect opportunity to record the event as a participant /observer -as stated in the assignment brief.


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