Assignment 1– work in progress


In order for a photo essay to be easily understood it will need varying but linked images that convey the narrative . I therefore plan to include one or two close-ups of the participants , as well as wider more detailed views of the day. I have decided to use my Canon 5D with a 50mm F1.4 prime lens. I should be able to obtain reasonably wide shots as well as the portrait studies I hope to obtain by using this focal length on a full frame body.

The two girls involved in the shoot are , obviously, very important. They will feature in the final product therefore I plan to include a couple of images that are similar to those that appear on the calendar as well as showing the interaction between the team.   The link below includes tips for behind -the scenes photographers.


Using a prime lens and trying not to get in the way of Lowell , the main photographer , did make it quite awkward at times to obtain some of the shots I wanted. However I did not feel too curbed by the fixed focal length. I think being restricted this way possibly made me consider how to frame my shots more carefully.

Although the sky was quite overcast it was reasonably bright  creating quite soft even light , which was great for the closer up shots I wanted. I had to work without a tripod and prefer , even if I had been able , not to use flash. The fast lens was very useful for some indoor shots I took.


I took nearly 100 images throughout the day-long event.

I have made duplicate copies and processed these for Andy in a mix of colour , mono and sepia.

For my assignment I will chose between 15 up to a maximum of 20 from which to make my final choice and these will all be re-proccesed and printed, then presented as web images on my blog.

I will print the final 10 on A4 Perma Jet Fibre Base Royal 325.

Link below to Dropbox for images from the complete shoot .

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