Assignment 1 : Reflection

As this was a one off event I was aware I could not return the next day to re-take or rectify any mistakes , I felt slightly pressured ! Working to such a strict deadline I did find myself occasionally shooting a scene simply to ensure I got enough images from which to make my final selection . However being restricted to one focal length did force me to think far more carefully about how to compose and frame the images I planned for the assignment. I am pleased that I managed to obtain both full length and close up images without the need to crop that I feel are reasonably structured.

Quality of Outcome
I print my own images and , as always , when compared to the screen version they are less vivid . However I like the subdued tones of the prints which I feel are more suited to creating a low key version of the event I chose to document. It was not a serious event but I really did not want my assignment images to seem too frivolous a subject matter.

Choosing the final 10 images took me quite some time , after printing I placed them in what seemed to me a logical order , I then asked friends and family to look at these  as well as the other shortlisted images. I then left them for a day or two and reviewed my choices again bearing in mind any feedback given me. I have included , as planned , portraits and wider viewpoints of the days events so feel happy I was able to fulfil my original stated intention when preparing for the assignment shoot.

Demonstration of Creativity 

I initially had difficulty in choosing a subject  to document, I hope my choice does not seem too mundane. I chose to respond to the brief Local communities with perhaps a lateral viewpoint by not choosing to document my immediate community although the location was near my home. A community can be defined as a group of any number of people with shared mores , the small group of people I photographed  belong to such a group and I felt comfortable in my role as a participant-observer.


I have had difficulty keeping up to date with all the reading and exercise work required for the course. Additionally I delayed completing my first assignment.  Various unavoidable events since April have set back my progress. I am back on track and have revised my study plan and re-structured my week to include protected time ( family and employers please take note ! )
I feel my blog is easy to navigate , but I need to bring it up to date. I have accumulated and taken note of  quite a few interesting magazine / newspaper / web articles that need to be written up and added to the blog. I have a few exhibitions that I intend to visit over the next couple of months too.

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