Black & white , Falmouth Art Gallery.

Visited on Monday 6th October 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.46.19

Martin Howse


Martin’s photos were arranged up and around the staircase leading to the main gallery upstairs. All of the images were printed to the same size and exhibited in a simple black frame with a white mount . I found it an unpretentious but effective use of the space available for the exhibition of his photographs. The images are all (obviously ) black and white , printed and developed by the photographer himself , who uses film.

He lives in Gweek, Cornwall and began to document local artists in their environment 3 years ago . The portraits include very cluttered backgrounds , he comments “ I do not want the subject against a blank backcloth. My aim is to capture something of the artist through the inclusion of their work and sometimes their working environment”  (Martin Howse , Introduction , 2014)

The disorderly backgrounds do not create a distraction from the subjects, each is an artist in their own right , and I think the images enhance their individuality and uniqueness , providing a glimpse into their inner , private world. I think black and white images such as these work really well , a riot of colour could distract , full of detail they are deceptively simple to look at but highly informative.

I bought the accompanying catalogue of Martin’s work which was very reasonably priced. The majority of the artists are given a double spread , on the left a close up portrait accompanied by text , opposite a page filling image. Just two artists are not shown this way , there is simply a plain page with text at the bottom on the left and a full page portrait opposite , I like the design of the book.

photo 5

photo 2
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Howse Martin , (2014) Black & White , Falmouth Art Gallery , Falmouth UK.

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