Assignment 2. The brief & initial thoughts

Single image narratives

Revisit Chapters 4 & 5 in Creative Photography : Context and Narrative

1. A photographic narrative can be presented as a sequential or a non-linear set of images.
2. Can be fictional
3. A narrative can be presented as a stand alone image or as a body of work.
4. Consider how the images will be seen. A set of single images that provide a narrative and work on their own could , if visually consistent , “take on greater relevance when presented together” (Short, 2011, pg. 102).
5. Observe, think , study , consider context / light / composition / camera settings. Even weather conditions can be symbolic. A black and white silver gelatin image by Mauricio Valenzuela caught my eye last year at the International Centre of Photography, New York. The city , shrouded in fog , made metaphorical use of the weather to imply how the dictatorship of Pinochet permeated Chilean society.

The brief.

Produce eight images that individually have a narrative and convey a specific idea. You needn’t limit yourself to your immediate surroundings as you did in the previous assignment.

Rather than focusing on a theme or activity work on a concept. The more abstract the concept the better. Abstract concepts name ideas , feelings , qualities  or characteristics that are not directly perceived by the senses , e.g. hope , love , exploitation , sadness , freedom and greed.

You can do this assignment in B&W or colour.

Provide a short commentary (200 words) explaining your ethos and rationale along with your images.

For this assignment you need to publish a blog page . Thumbnails should link to high resolution images.

Initial Thoughts
This sounds a really interesting brief , but building a selection of 8 images that not only stand alone but additionally have a common theme will challenging.

I have made a preliminary list of concepts that interest me below.

I need to consider how I am going to approach and document the assignment .
Truthfully /  factually / capturing found situations.
Fictionally / imaginary / creating constructed images.

I shall be using the 2nd , perhaps what might initially be considered a more subjective, approach. I do not feel that constructed and more personal  images are contradictory to the principles of documentary photography , although the dictionary definition might refute that, definition:documentary – factual, non-fictional, real-life, true to life, fact-based .


Short , M. (2011) Creative Photography:Context and Narrative. Lausanne : Ava Publishing.

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