Assignment 1 Tutor feedback

I am really pleased with my first feedback , I must admit I was rather apprehensive waiting to see how it had been received.

Keith found my assignment “really interesting”  although he commented that initially he was not too convinced that my assignment  — taken during a professional photo-shoot –would work. However after reading the context and looking at the images he “thought it worked very well indeed”.

His favourite image was Image 8 he commented it  “really summed up the shoot and the efforts a photographer will go to in order to get the correct feel and lighting for a particular image”

I always print my assignment images , whether necessary or not , for all assignments and Keith said my prints were of high standard. I do agree with his comment that too few images are actually printed now.

Level two courses are intended to develop academic and theoretical skills , Keith pointed out the importance of inserting references throughout my written work and using the Harvard referencing system.

He has suggested in addition to keeping an on-line blog I also keep a physical journal where I can record ideas etc and also keep cuttings / gallery literature. He found my blog easy to navigate and suggested I add additional tabs for any photographers I research/review which I have done.

I need to try and attend as many exhibitions as I can , something I know I need to do. I need to organise free time to do this but with work and an elderly mother I need to visit daily this is quite a challenge. There have been a couple of OCA study visits I would love to have joined but so far every one has coincided with me being away or already being committed. I hope to rectify this in the New Year (fingers crossed).

Keith has given me a list of suggested research and reading , I have already read Camera Lucinda but will re-read it again– more thoroughly this time. I need to consider WHY not HOW the photographers listed below achieve their images. As I am particularly interested in portraiture he has also suggested I look at the work of both Rineke Dijkstra and Moira Lovell.   


Suggested reading list below:

Germain, J.2005.For Every Minute You Are Angry You Lose Sixty Seconds of Happiness.1st Ed.Gottingen,Steidl. ISBN-3: 86521-077-5

Wood, T.1998.All Zones Off Peak.1st Ed.Dewi Lewis Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1899235865

Soth, A.2008.Sleeping By The Mississippi.3rd Edition.Gottingen,Steidl. ISBN-13: 978-3865217530

Barthes, Roland.1993: Camera Lucida. Vintage Classics. London. ISBN 13: 978-0099225416

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