Exercise (part 2:  Martin Shields  photograph of two young footballers ) 

Download from the OCA student site the tear sheet of the newspaper in which the Shields photograph was originally published.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 13.35.26

Read the accompanying text and answer the following:

Does the text relate to your initial deconstruction of the image? If so , how?
Does the text change your perception of the image? If so, how?

Glasgow council tenants voted for the transfer of council homes to a housing association , with the promise of new homes and a regeneration of the derelict areas.  The vote was close with 42% voting to  remain with the local authority.

I find it strange that the image accompanies an article about the sale of council housing to a housing association , voted for by the council tenants. Nothing to do with football , friendship or otherwise , not something I would have guessed by simply looking at the photograph.

I noted that the area was run down and derelict , but this is the only visual clue I picked up on.

The text enhances my understanding but I am not too sure just what the two young footballers represent.

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