Work in progress for Assignment 2

Slow progress. 

I planned to finish the 2nd section of the course and my assignment by the end of January.

As usual my plans have gone astray and I am now working towards finishing it by March.

I have decided on Time as my chosen concept.

Back in May 2013 I started work on what I planned to be a long term personal project , one I originally wanted to use for the final assignment of my last level 1 course DPP.
Link below

I plan to re-commence my project to explore the concept of time.

Some thoughts.
Time passes , I get older and am becoming increasingly aware of my own mortality. My mum will be 90 later this year , a strong and once fiercely independent woman who now relies on me for so many things. Time has crept up on her and all that is left of so much of her life are memories. My 3 children are all grown up and have children of their own. In time we all become simply a memory , perhaps in a photograph , it’s how we continue to exist .

Loss– linked with time — family/friends/lovers leave ,grow old, die. Beauty fades.
Time and loss linked to memory
Diaries / letters / photographs record a moment in time  ? perhaps merge/layer letters images etc
Family relationships subtly and slowly shift over time. How to show?
I started to photograph my Mum again in November 2014 , taking images similar to that of nearly 2 years ago.

Looking at a photograph of my Mum when she was young my son , many years ago , commented “grandma was nice when she was new” .

This is the image I took in 2013 of Mum holding the photograph my son remarked on .

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 18.48.18

24th November 2014

I decided to use the same old photo and shoot Mum with it again. The photo Mum is holding was taken 70 years ago. I have a case of old photo’s — the case and its contents are like a time-machine capable of transporting my family back in time.

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-5 Documentary Working towards assignment 2-1

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-7

I also took some photographs of Mum’s hands holding a photograph taken in the1940’s of my Mum and Dad when they first married.

Mum hates her hands , they show the passage of time , but I think there is a beauty in them that transcends the ravages . The 2 poems below put my feelings into words far more succinctly what I am trying to convey in the images.

Hands of Time  —–     Unknown            

To reach across the bounds of time
To know again your touch sublime
Glistening palaces of brilliant white
Illuminate the darkness of the night

Your hand in mine from times of old
And memories of thoughts untold
Kept apart by winds and sand
Til journeys to a foreign land

To set aside your self at last
And feel the feelings of the past
As time grew short, the music played
The moments passed , the feeling stayed

So walk with me inside your dreams
And know our love is what it seems
Picture scenes from far away
And know we’ll meet another day

This Living Hand by John Keats

This living hand, now warm and capable
Of earnest grasping, would, if it were cold
And in the icy silence of the tomb,
So haunt thy days and chill thy dreaming nights
That thou wouldst wish thine own heart dry of blood
So in my veins red life might stream again,
And thou be conscience-calmed–see here it is–
I hold it towards you.

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-16


Documentary Working towards assignment 2-13


Documentary Working towards assignment 2-11


Documentary Working towards assignment 2-10


Documentary Working towards assignment 2-9


This assignment can be presented in B&W or colour and my initial idea was to present the work in B&W, however I not too sure now which will be more appropriate. I will quickly process each image as I take them in LR for my blog until I make my final decision.


More pictures of Mum today.
What I want to show in a single image:

1.Over the past 12 months she has become more unsteady on her feet and is very frail, as time passes she is slowly fading away.

2.Time goes quicker the older you become

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-21

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-22

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-24

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-26

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-27

January 2015

I am currently re-reading Camera Lucida , Roland Barthes , again (!) , as suggested by my tutor , I think the book is very relevant to my assignment.


I had a new Petzval Lens for Xmas, its beautiful , very heavy and made of brass ,  with manual focus. I love it.

I decided to practice using my new lens and re-took Mum’s hands again , I am pleased with the outcome.

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-34-2 Documentary Working towards assignment 2-34

I also took this portrait  whilst I was there using the Petzval lens.

Documentary Working towards assignment 2-30



7 thoughts on “Work in progress for Assignment 2

  1. Stephanie Dh.

    It looks like a really interesting project Judy! I really like the pictures with details of her hands and her face. She has such a beautiful and strong gaze. The ones blurred are interesting, but I would tend to interpret them without context in term of mental illness rather than time passing. Have you thought about taking also pictures of yourself, your kids and your grandchild?


    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thanks Stephanie. I plan to include myself and others of the family in the assignment, I just need to organise everyone! Your comment about the blurry shots is interesting , and a very valid point too . I shall try to re-think that idea. I still have a lot of coursework and planning for the assignment to get through- but am feeling very motivated again , found it hard going over the winter. Best wishes Judy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. schirgwin

    That is just great! I’ve been working through Camera Lucida and a big box of photos of my dad’s family so can identify a bit with this. Colour definitely for the hands!


    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thanks Simon . I too like the colour , which suprises me as I was determined to do this assignment in B&W . I find Barthes hard going and seem to be reading the same chapter over and over again ! I love old photos , we are lucky to have them . Best wishes Judy


  3. Judy Bach Post author

    Thanks Catherine , & thanks especially for the link to Annu Palakunnathu Matthew’s work . She is someone I am not familiar with at all but I have had a quick look & listened to her talking about her photography , I really like her approach . Funnily enough I spent yesterday taking , amongst other things, self-portraits that I plan to merge with those of Mum / daughter(s) / granddaughter(s) so her work really inspires me. Blog write up to follow.
    Best wishes Judy



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