Work in progress for Assignment 2.

Having delayed completing Assignment 2 once I have had to delay a second time as I have been too unwell to do any of my college work for a few weeks. I have had a really nasty chest infection , two courses of antibiotics later and I am only just beginning to feel ok , a life-long non-smoker I sound like I have a 50 a day habit !!!!

Hence I am behind with coursework , I am panicking slightly (understatement) as I will only have managed to complete two assignments in a year. I want to complete this assignment by mid-April . I had done some more work towards the assignment in February so have finally got around to gathering my thoughts and looking at some of the photographs I had taken. I have taken far less photographs than usual since beginning the course , there is such a lot of reading/research to do.

I am still unsure whether to work in B&W or colour but have quickly processed a few (see below) mostly in B&W.

 I took this image back in 2013 , one of my personal favourites , but one
never used for an OCA assignment.

My Dad as a young man—let me hold you in my arms one more time.

I realise its important to create new images hence I have taken new ones but using the same  concept as I really would like to incorporate this idea into my assignment. He was about 15 in the image , a professional portrait , his life ahead of him.  How I would love to be able to time travel, reach into the past , see and speak to my Dad once more. He died 35 years ago , I never asked him so may things about his life , I try to gain a sense of his past through old photographs. I took 65 new images a few of which are below.

Web doc assignment 2 in progress-7


Web doc assignment 2 in progress-6


Web doc assignment 2 in progress-5


Web doc assignment 2 in progress-4

Web doc assignment 2 in progress-3


Web doc assignment 2 in progress-2

Sunday 1/2/2015

I took a series of self-portraits—nearly 40 but only kept 6 —  how I hate photo’s of myself. Time may have altered my physical appearance but its not what I think I should see ! I am sure a lot of others can identify with this.

I plan to perhaps merge one of these with portraits of Mum , my daughter(s) , perhaps granddaughter(s) too. Each generation fading into the next. I need to arrange to take their portraits over the next few weeks , everyone is so busy it is difficult to catch them . My PS skills are not brilliant but I learnt a lot during my last OCA course — DPP.

I have only posted one self-portrait –that is more than enough!

Web doc assignment 2 in progress

I am really grateful to Catherine for making me aware of the work of Annu Palakunnathu Matthew.

Thursday 12/2/2015

I re-took some pictures of Mum holding a photograph of herself as a young woman. I have decided I want a plain backdrop for each individual image and was not overly happy with the ones taken in November. I think by using the same background I can create a cohesive set of single images that provide a narrative and work on their own but that also , if visually consistent , can  “take on greater relevance when presented together” (Short, 2011, pg. 102).

I mentioned in an earlier post my son when he was a small boy (he’s 38 now) commented on the photograph Mum is holding “Grandma was nice when she new” , this has always amused me and will be the title of the image.

Web doc assignment 2 in progress-9

Web doc assignment 2 in progress-10

Sat 21/2/2015

I finally managed to get my mum , both daughters and eldest grandaughter all gathered together for a photo-session, including myself this makes four generations of family members.

All the photos were taken inside using a black velvet backdrop. I was forced to shoot indoors due to the bitterly cold weather and we were rather restricted for space in my make-shift studio in the spare bedroom. I took each individual on their own and will try to merge , as planned , our four family generations but this will involve quite a bit of work , I hope my PS skills are not too rusty.

As I had the opportunity I did try to take a photograph of us all together—this proved difficult , and  I’m afraid I got rather frustrated with my ‘models’ ! It was impossible to get a decent group photo of them , one or other of them either giggled , moved or had their eyes shut as I pressed the shutter . so I have abandoned this idea—for the time being anyway.

A few from the session below.

Web doc assignment 2 in progress-16

Web doc assignment 2 in progress-15


Web doc assignment 2 in progress-14


Web doc assignment 2 in progress-17


Web doc assignment 2 in progress-13


Web doc assignment 2 in progress-11


Web doc assignment 2 in progress-12



Short , M. (2011) Creative Photography:Context and Narrative. Lausanne : Ava Publishing.

4 thoughts on “Work in progress for Assignment 2.

  1. Stephanie Dh.

    I hope you are feeling better now. Lots of interesting material in this post, sometimes, going slowly is necessary for maturing such personal projects, maybe going slowly is bringing you something that you would not have found otherwise… Good luck with it!


  2. Judy Bach Post author

    Thanks Catherine , I am beginning to catch up with the coursework. I also have a few ideas I want to try out for the assignment so feel I am making some sort of progress at last .



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