Assignment 2 –still in progress but nearly there !

Friday 17/4/15 —Sunday 19/4/15

I have spent the weekend taking my final assignment images , printing and gathering my thoughts. My concept of time has evolved into something a bit more complicated , more of a personal exploration of time and memory.

Attempting to emulate Priya Kambli’s Suitcase series , and taking photographs of my own small case of memories , was actually more frustrating that I originally thought it would be. How hard can it be to take a photograph of a static object –very as I found out ! I shot quite a few frames altering the composition slightly until I was happy with the result, still life photography is not my forte. I really like the colour version but have finally decided to present my assignment in B&W .


Rufus and suitcase

The black velvet backdrop I used throughout was a source of much frustration –I am still unable to fold it away without assistance , it has a life of it’s own. But much worse I really should have made sure it was free of any white fluff before I took any photographs , it would have meant a lot less time removing the visible white dots during post processing !

I have created and printed some diptych , triptych , even tetraptych images and will be including a few in the assignment. I really liked Annu Palakunnathu Matthew’s use of diptych’s throughout her series An Indian from India and considered using the same approach , but I felt that some of my own were better viewed as stand-alone images.I also tried adding text , i.e. the title but again decided not to do this. A scanned photograph of my dad paired with one of my new images caused me a bit of a conundrum , I was uncertain what size and where to place each image to be printed and I tried a few different combinations.

Best wife in the world jpeg 2

Best wife in the world jpeg 3 Best wife in the world jpeg 1

Best wife 5 small and large Best wife 4 same size

206 1 206 2 2006 3


My son's shirt 3 images colour version 2 My son's shirt jpeg colour version


Doc jpeg my Son's shirt

The research section on surrealism interested me very much , I was not really expecting to discover a link between this and documentary style photography at the start of the course. However the visual and conceptual techniques used in surrealist photography make it an ideal way to represent the unseen and one I have used.

Weds 22/4/215—Thursday 23/4/15
I am busy writing up my final notes to accompany the assignment which will be completed by the weekend and ready to post to my tutor . All my final chosen images will be printed on A4 Permajet fibre Base Royal 325 in landscape mode and posted to my tutor.

For the assignment the photographs need to be presented on a blog page with thumbnails linking to high res images and I shall be posting these along with the write up onto my blog in the next few days.


6 thoughts on “Assignment 2 –still in progress but nearly there !

  1. Catherine

    Excellent. All the images look so clear and I really like the composition of the suitcase one. I’ve had similar problems with black velvet backgrounds and with a white background sheet there’s always the creases! I have acquired a green backdrop as well but that needs to be well lit itself apparently and then the subject lit separately.
    The diptych images look good as well – hard to choose! You look a bit squashed in the 8th one down though.
    Looking forward to the full write-up as well.


    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thanks Catherine . I agree about me looking all squashed up — I was trying to keep us all close. My attempts in PS to merge us all together failed miserably so I decided a combined print was the next best thing !


    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thank you Eddy , I am still gathering my ideas and choosing the final images but feel I am nearly there , thank goodness. I feel like I have taken forever over this assignment.



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