Happy accident

My husband has only got this one photo of himself as a small boy and last night I decided I really wanted to include it in my assignment.

Bill age 2-1

Planning to perhaps blend it with an image of him now , or create a diptych , I needed to take some new photographs of him. He is not the easiest person to photograph (he never keeps still) and was just getting ready to go out for a bike ride when I coerced him to pose for me. I only really needed to just get one or two of him on his own but decided to take one of him as he was holding his picture— of course he moved as I took the first shot !

Reviewing the image before I took any more I was surprised by the double exposure effect but really liked it —however he was holding his old picture upside-down !


Suffice to say his bike ride was delayed for a while longer as I made him sit with his old photograph in front of his face moving it around –the right way up — as I re-took it a few more times until I was happy that I had got what I wanted and shall be including one of these with my final assignment pictures .


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