Assignment Two: Reflection

Demonstration of technical and visual skills.

For the assignment I have used a variety of different focal lengths and techniques. All the images were taken indoors with a black background , chosen in order to create cohesion throughout because although these images do not as a whole form a narrative they do have a common theme . It was frequently frustrating and time consuming setting up the scenes , One More Time and The One and Only both relied on the use of a slow enough shutter speed with just the right amount of movement. The self portraits sometimes took hours ,Testimony of Time took a whole Saturday afternoon , my cable release broke , therefore I needed to use the camera’s self-timer which caused problems with actually getting myself in the frame whilst focusing and composing correctly. Unfortunately my plan to use Photoshop to merge images fell foul of my limited skills but I did manage to ’tattoo’ myself !

Quality of outcome

I spent a lot of time planning the assignment , trying out ideas, and considering how best to use and present them. I used diptych, triptych and tetraptych images to help convey my chosen concept of time. I am pleased with my final chosen images , as prints and on my blog , a print is always the final step in my own personal workflow. I processed and printed a lot of the images into both B&W and colour to compare in order to make my final decision and choose which to submit for the assignment. I made quite a few different versions of the diptych , triptych and tetraptych images as it was quite difficult to decide where to place the different photographs. I feel I have managed to fulfil the brief and produce images that translate a concept visually. I have gone way over the 200 words commentary needed to accompany the assignment and hope I have not waffled too much. However this became such a personal piece of work I felt compelled to not only use photography but words too , they help me visualise the unseen.

Demonstration of creativity

I enjoyed experimenting with surrealist techniques , using old photographs and possessions to explore deeply personal thoughts and inner feelings , something I rarely share. The photographs are subjective but I feel that hopefully ,  despite this , they visually convey the universally experienced consequence of time on memory and loss. I originally conceived the idea of using my case of photographs as the basis of a body of work during my previous OCA photography course, but failed to follow it through. Returning to the project has been cathartic and I really do not want this to be the end but the beginning of a long term undertaking.


I do struggle to keep up to date with coursework as I have a lot of personal commitments and still work 3 full days a week. I took far too long to complete the second section of the course and due to a couple of episodes of illness fell even further behind. Although this could not be helped I am frustrated that I have only managed to finish two assignments in a year so have set myself a target date of three months to complete the next section. Despite this I feel my blog is now progressing quite well and is easy to navigate. I really do need to attend more exhibitions and additionally have a pile of photography books to read but I did read , finally understood , and felt moved by Camera Lucida. As well as benefiting from the research during the 2nd section of the course I enjoyed discovering the work of both Priya Kambli and Annu Palakunnathu Matthew whose photography had a huge influence on my approach to the assignment. As suggested by my tutor I also looked at , and immensely enjoyed, the work of Julien Germain , but have not as yet had a chance to look at the other photographers he suggested.


2 thoughts on “Assignment Two: Reflection

  1. Catherine

    I certainly hope that you do continue with this project Judy. It’s been so interesting to see how it developed and your investment in it came through very strongly.


  2. Judy Bach Post author

    Thanks Catherine I do plan to continue with this but need to consider how best to go forward. For research I have seen a copy of books that are relevant and may help me .



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