Assignment 2:Tutor Feedback

I am really happy with the positive feedback from my tutor , Keith .

He found my assignment “ really interesting and moving ” adding that “ the images and messages being communicated through them really struck a chord with me

I am so glad I persevered with reading Camera Lucida (Barthes) , as recommended following my 1st assignment . He commented “ it was reading how this text had influenced your assignment that really brought the work together in my opinion”

I love printing my work and posted the prints to Keith who said “The first thing that stood out for me when opening the box was the print quality. A really nice weighted paper with deep blacks and a full range of tones–all uniformly formatted with a close detail to attention” . I use Permajet fibre Base Royal 325 paper and an Epson R2880 printer. I have often thought about experimenting with other papers but am reluctant to do so as I have such good results using this particular paper.

The use of movement in ‘One More Time and ’The One and Only’ worked particularly well ” . Keith has suggested looking at ‘Past Lives’ by Lorie Novak , and researching other techniques that are used.

I have already started reading one of the books on the suggested reading list , Hirsch ,M 2012. Family Frames: Photography , Narrative and Postmemory.

My blog “is developing nicely” . I need to write up my thoughts on any journal /book/ papers etc I read , something I neglect a bit. I read loads but don’t always reflect on these on my blog.

Interestingly Keith’s current research and particular interest in the field of photography is Memory and Post-Memory.

As I really want to expand on this conceptually I am looking forward to following up all the recommended reading/ links etc .

Suggested reading/viewing

Hirsch, M. 2012. Family Frames: Photography, Narrative and Postmemory. Cambridge (Mass). Harvard University Press
ISBN 13: 978 147000 7485

Gibbons, J. 2007. Contemporary Art and Memory: Images of Recollection and Remembrance. New York. IB Tauris & Co Ltd.
ISBN 13: 978 184511 6194

Bate, D. 2010. The Memory of Photography. In Photographies. Vol 3, No. 2, September 2010. Pp243-257. London. Taylor & Francis Ltd

Livingston, D. & Dyer, P. 2010. A View From The Window: Photography, Recording Family Memories. In Social Alternatives. Vol 29, No.3, 2010,
Pp20-28. Queensland. University of Queensland Press


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