Produce a small portfolio of five colour images in a surrealist style.

I might return to this exercise at some point as these are not particularly brilliant examples but I need to keep the momentum going with my coursework and blog . They were taken with my iPhone and a compact camera,  I found defining surrealism and then photographing when out and about quite difficult ! I prefer to take my time and set scenes up , I shall do that when time permits.



Catch of the day




An unusual bird attracts two onlookers


This building has ‘eyes’ that observe all around


Distorted reflections


3 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. Judy Bach Post author

    I know the feeling too well 🙂
    I agree the first two are the most surreal , the others are not really great , but I am getting behind again & need to get on with something that makes a bit more sense — I also spend too much time procrastinating ! How are you getting on ?



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