Double exposure

I am rather excited to discover , almost a year after having it , that my Canon 5D Mark 111 can take double exposures !

This was something I thought was unique to film photography not something I could attempt digitally. I rather like the idea of creating a multi-exposure frame in the camera rather than resorting to merging two separate images in PS so this is a perfect technique for me to try.

I won’t put the memories that I am attempting to re-create into context yet .  I do wonder how someone , without knowing the significance of the red lipstick , would read the second image , my personal interpretation of a story told to me by my mum.

These are a couple of my first attempts .

Double exposure mum & dad

Double exposure lips


6 thoughts on “Double exposure

  1. schirgwin

    What a marvellous thing to find out Judy! How much serendipity is involved in the alignment of the two images? Is there some sort of semi-preview available or do you have to wait til after you’ve potentially ruined the 1st image to see whether you have increased meaning or reduced it?


    1. Judy Bach Post author

      It’s quite simple to do and if you use live view it gives a preview of the outcome. I didn’t use live view for these two as I was just experimenting so had no idea what the outcome of the combined image would be. I’m not sure which method is best as I rather enjoyed the unpredictability of the result but if I have something specific in mind the live view at least will enable me to see the composition immediately.



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