Research: Working towards Assignment 3

The power of photography : time , mortality and memory . theguardian. com

Despite their playfulness , my chief feeling when I look at those photographs is sadness:that most of the people in them are now dead;that the times they commemorate can’t be retrieved .It’s sentimental , I know : time passes ; the moment goes even as the shutter clicks . But those photographic images are a source of sorrow , whereas the images in my head are not ” Blake Morrison.

This thought really struck a chord with me and I have written my own response to issues raised in the article regarding the role of photography in the interviewees lives.

Although all my children have digital cameras and smartphones I am the ‘official’ family photographer. I am also the only one who bothers to print the precious moments recorded . A lot are totally mundane , and certainly uninteresting to any outsider , but I still feel they need to be printed, I could probably considered a dinosaur in this respect . How many memories are uploaded to Facebook , Instagram etc , whilst even more simply sit on hard-drives or memory cards , never printed , no physical reminder exists. I have been just as guilty in the past and sadly have lost perhaps hundreds of images due to hard drive failure. A friend’s son lost all his honeymoon photographs when his camera was stolen a year later with the memory card still in situ – the images had never even been transferred to a computer. Due to the ease of digital photograph and the proliferation of images taken the task of organising becomes overwhelming. This is something I am trying to remedy by personally slowing down , less can perhaps be more.

I love my all my printed photographs , cases and boxes full that fill my cupboards , what memories they contain . I want the photographs I take for this assignment to form the basis of a new family album , an album of memories . I feel this leads on from my previous assignment and will perhaps create a body of work to be treasured by the next generations of my family.

A book pdf dummy is required for the assignment , but I shall certainly be printing all of the images as well . I might even attempt to make my own album , a future heirloom perhaps !
Accessed 9/7/15

2 thoughts on “Research: Working towards Assignment 3

  1. Jane

    Very thought provoking. There is a discussion in the OCA Forum at the monent about whether the print image is dying. I agree with you Judy, there is something special, tangible about a print. It is as if you want to hold onto the memory and make it real.

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