I want to use my black backdrop again and have found two other photographers who use the same . Additionally they both explore time and memory through their art but in very different ways.

Craig Becker : Scratch

Craig Becker is a photographer and collagist , whose “work is centred on themes of life , loss and transformation” (Lensculture 2015)

They are rather strange hybrid images but I really their visual impact .”The work is intentionally ambiguous leaving the viewer to stitch together the elements and narrative” (Lensculture 2015). The plain black background prevents distraction , the whole gaze is focused on the surreal ‘subject’ in the frame. The colour is an important element of the work and I don’t feel these would be such powerful and striking images in B&W.

Rebecca Moseman: Scrap

This “is a series of photographs taken from an era where writing notes in margins , and keeping mementoes from experiences was the only way to hold onto memories” (Lensculture 2015)

Beautifully evocative images of physical personal memories that can be held , touched , picked up and treasured, something being rapidly lost in a digital age. Will the ease of sharing non-physical memories mean many of the next few generations have no tangible reminders of their past ?
Accessed 15/7/15
Accessed 20/7/15

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