Laia Abril

I was initially only really interested in an article I had read recently about the book she made for her project The Epilogue but feel how her work evolved is something worth making a note of.

Abril’s project on eating disorders developed from documenting the day to day life of a sufferer of bulimia to exploring the online pro-anorexia community and finally producing a project of those indirectly afflicted by the illnesses she was investigating.

A Bad Day
Images of a young female with bulimia recording her daily routine . Some of the images allude to her condition yet without understanding the context of Abril’s work the fact the young woman suffers from bulimia would be concealed , a condition she tries to hide.

The growth of social media has created a whole new way of disseminating information and of sharing images. Abril created thought provoking , and at times quite shocking , images which were published as a fanzine. Her manipulated images , using photographs from the online pro-anorexia community , expose “disease’s new risk factors:social networks and photography” ( Abril 2013 ) .

The Epilogue
Abril’s reconstructed story is a really emotional piece of documentary work . A multi-media project she re-tells the story of a family and of the aftermath of their daughters death due to bulimia. The project articulates the family’s suffering in a sensitive way. The book contains images , letters , legal documents , family photographs and oral histories , it’s “meticulous design is crucial to the slowly unfolding narrative” ( O’Hagan ,the Guardian , 2014) .
Accessed 19/8/15

O’Hagan , S . The Guardian online. 26/8/2014
Accessed 19/8/15
Accessed 20/8/15


3 thoughts on “Laia Abril

  1. Judy Bach Post author

    Yes it is , very moving and thought provoking work . The book sounds really interesting and I would like to see a physical copy of it. It needs to go on my ‘wish list’ –which is getting rather long 🙂



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