Assignment 3: Work still in progress

I have been busy taking more photographs and , following fellow student feedback on my previous assignment progress post , have created some diptych’s which I feel are more successful than the double exposures I originally planned to use . I still intend to use some of my double exposures as part of the assignment but need to carefully consider which ones , and only a few.

Books I am reading –I really should say ‘scanning quickly’– at the moment in preparation for the assignment :

Sontag ,S.(1979) “On Photography” . Penguin Books , London ,England.

Hirsch , M. (2012) “Family Frames: Photography Narrative and Postmemory” . Harvard University Press ,

Novak , L & Hirsch,M. (2013) “Family Projections:Lorie Novak in conversation with Marianne Hirsch ,” . In Burbridge , B & Davies , C (eds.) Issue 20 Family Politics , Photoworks Annual . Brighton England , pp. 195-203

+ I had another book delivered yesterday that looks interesting but won’t have time to read it thoroughly before I have completed Assignment 3 :

Langford, M. (2008) ” Suspended Conversations . The Afterlife of Memory in Photographic Albums“. McGill-Queen’s University Press, Canada.

Red beret diptych

Hands & wool diptych

Saucer eyes diptcyh

Indoors / 25-105 lens / window light

More photos of mum in the swimming costume again , I want to compare these with the earlier ones taken with her wearing armbands + she had her watch and Lifeline wrist pendant on in the initial set. Not too sure if they add or subtract to the meaning , any thoughts on this would be welcome. There is such a poignancy when comparing the beauty of youth with the deterioration of the body in old age. Could the Lifeline pendant and arm bands be possibly considered signifiers of the inevitable ageing process and its resulting loss of independence ?

Swim single image x 2

Swim Diptych

Mum with armbands

Indoors / 17-40 lens / window light

Photos of mum rummaging through our old photographs trying to convey a sense of time slipping away through her fingers, the aged hands and old photos symbolic of time and memory.

Hands contact sheet

Hands & old photos

Outdoors / 17-40 lens / early evening soft light

My 2nd attempt at recreating an acquired memory of mum smothering dad is lipstick kisses.
Just as well I like and buy a lot of lipstick as I needed to kiss the black card- lots –not very pleasant !

Kisses x 1

Dad kisses x 2

Outdoors / 24-105 lens / side light

Mum’s mobility is very restricted and she relies on her ‘wheels’ to walk anywhere , sadly never alone . Aged 17 she cried for an entire weekend to be allowed to join the army , she wanted to be a motor-bike dispatch rider. She never rode a motor -bike but did join the armed forces to become a lorry driver.

Mum & wheels 4

Mum & wheels 3

Mum & wheels 2

Mum & wheels 1

Mum & wheels 5


I really need to start thinking about which images I want to use and consider what order to present them. I need to prepare a PDF as required for the assignment and will also be sending prints to my tutor as agreed and intend to make a Blurb book direct from Lightroom. I have made a couple of books using Photobox but have heard such good reports about Blurb books + I can create the book directly in Lightroom. I would really like to make my own home made book but am restricted to time at the moment , this might be something I do later.

I am wondering about the design of the PDF/ Blurb book too . I want to keep it quite simple with text on one page and an image opposite but wonder whether to include on some of the text pages one or two of my old scanned pictures too . This is something I didn’t initially consider as I was only thinking of the images as prints , I have begun to play around with the book module in Lightroom so will see how it goes. As I am creating two different modes of output , print and book / PDF , I could possibly vary these slightly to the prints , not too sure though.


6 thoughts on “Assignment 3: Work still in progress

  1. Stephanie Dh.

    This is really looking good Judy, you really moved on with this project. There is a strong dynamic in the series and in-between the images, it works really well for me. I usually use the Blurb software independently from Lightroom, I find the version that you can download on your computer more flexible in term of layout.


  2. Catherine

    Regarding your choices – it depends what you want to be portraying – gentle decline and demise or life force still shining through as much as possible. For example, if you place the one with the armbands first and then juxtapose with the one above with no armbands then you have a sense of “See, I can still do it”. It’s to do with the eyes and placement of your mum’s head.

    I’m less keen on the lipstick images – maybe they’re a little too literal.

    The first three really call out to me. The matching expressions and posture despite all those intervening years. The skeins of veins and red wool. That look in her eyes.

    There’s such a picture building of a feisty, independent and lively minded lady who has a strong life force.

    I agree with Stephanie re Blurb software. I’ve been surprised how much I can play around with the layout.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thanks Catherine , although I initially liked my lipstick idea I don’t think it ‘fits’ with the rest of the images. I still have a lot to finish and consider, I really need to complete this soon – glad its a Bank Holiday weekend an extra day at home will help . Will definitely be downloading the Blurb software too .


  3. hollywoodward2013

    I like the lipstick ones, but agree they don’t fit in with the rest. Your mother looks such a feisty lady, despite her declining abilities, which makes me think that perhaps the way to go might be to show some of the different ways she is managing to live life to the full within her abilities. Just an idea.


    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thanks Holly , the assignment seems to be constantly evolving. I’m torn about whether to include the lipstick pic or not as its such a strong assimilated memory . My theme is an exploration of time and memory and Mum , who has always been fiercely independent , is getting too frail to remain so — old age isn’t for the faint hearted !



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