Assignment 3 :Work still in progress–but nearly there

I am still playing around with double exposures . I initially took some self-portraits of myself with my mum on the 18/8/15 , the majority of which have been deleted –my cable release has broke so I was using the timer and running back and forth to get myself into the frame. As I have already decided to include quite a few diptych’s in the assignment I didn’t want to simply do another one. I am pleased with this , its very rare for us to be photographed together.

untitled (1 of 10)

Another diptych , mum is the last one alive from her large family consisting of seven siblings.

Last of the Lowery's


+ I re-took another couple of double exposures using my lipstick kisses on black card and a photo of mum and dad on their wedding day –I am really undecided whether to include one of these lipstick ones or not . I am printing the images this weekend so will play around with the sequencing and see how they look as a set and decide then. Once I have decided on which images I am going to use I will make my PDF.

Kisses mum & dad 2

Kiss mum & dad


Dad kisses x 2


I have also created another version of one of my diptych’s following a remark made by fellow student Catherine who mentioned “the matching expressions and posture despite all those intervening years” ,  I must admit this was not something I consciously did. Mum’s eyes are looking down in the first version but thinking about Catherine’s comment I used a different image which does , I feel , fit that criteria and works better.

Wheels 3

Original version




4 thoughts on “Assignment 3 :Work still in progress–but nearly there

  1. Catherine

    I think that’s a good substitution.

    I’m sure some prints will help you decide. I’ve spent this afternoon cutting up contact sheets and then moving images around on a magnetic board. Really enjoyable as well as being such a good help. It was much easier to see how things fitted together than when I spread them out on the table.


  2. Judy Bach Post author

    I like the idea of a magnetic board , it sounds quite therapeutic . I usually just shuffle all my photo’s around the floor –yours is a much better solution 🙂


  3. hollywoodward2013

    I think the diptych idea is working really well, Judy. The last combination of the group is really strong. I wonder if separate. but physically linked, images might work for the first one as well.



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