Research : Performative documentary Hannah Starkey & Charley Murrell

Hannah Starkey

Hannah Starkey’s reconstructed scenes are cinematic and frequently suggest a sense of alienation and loneliness see here ,here and here .

Using actors and ” tableau photography to engender anxiety or uncertainty about the meaning of an image” ( Cotton ,C . 2009 , p.g 59) her images are both ambiguous and illusional “we are not given enough visual information to make characterization the focal point of the image” (Cotton ,C . 2009 , p.g 60) as here. 

Charley Murrell

Constructed Childhoods

I was aware of her work but it was quite difficult to find much information on the internet about Charley Murrell , her website link did not work .

More than ever children are pressured to look and behave in certain ways and Murrell’s work investigates the influence of media imagery on children , images that frequently suggest a faultlessness that is practically impossible to achieve. Murrell contrasts the children’s reality with their idealised version of themselves , what they aspire to. Her images mange to capture their childlike vulnerability see here yet additionally have the power to shock , see here  , and its a combination that makes Constructed Childhoods successful as a documentary series. Despite being fictitious the constructed images narrate a truth.

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