Assignment 3: Tutor Feedback

Overall comments

I have received and am very pleased with the assignment feedback from my tutor which he “very much enjoyed” . I try as much as possible to follow up all his suggested reading and research and often find myself pressured for time but was reassured I am making reasonable progress. “Judging by both your blog and assignment submissions you are really soaking up every suggestion that is being offered–which is really great to see. I really think this is broadening your photographic awareness and sensibilities” . I am extremely lucky to have Keith as my tutor as memory and post-memory are his “specific fields of interest within photography” . However I was mortified to be informed that I had misspelt Sontag throughout putting Sontang instead !!! I have amended my blog and references accordingly , but have no idea how I managed to do that as I am usually very careful with my spelling.

Assignment Feedback

Another great collection of themed images …with a truly touching narrative” . I commented that I want this assignment to be part of a larger body of work , and he agrees that this set of ” images will work together as a larger collection further down the line”. I am pleased also that he felt my double exposures “work well” within the theme. However he felt my initial image did not fit in and was “too literal and clichéd for a collection of images that are this powerful” I agree entirely , I felt that too but was at a loss as how to start the narrative. He feels I do not need it and his detailed feedback has given me an idea I will incorporate when I re-do my pdf book dummy–of which he made some observations for me to consider. He suggests “ having the confidence to use a historic image in its entirety to support” my story , and I shall  replace and use one as my opening image.

He pointed out that he thought I perhaps needed to re-consider the pdf/book dummy design “I would be inclined to show the historic image on one page in its entirety and the other image on the adjacent page in its entirety” I could kick myself as this was something I actually considered but wondered if I was ‘cheating’ somehow by using old and new photographs making a total of more than the 10 images required for the assignment. I failed to consider the presentation , which unlike prints needs a different approach. He feels “this collection would really suit a book format ” and suggests I try to “work with a graphic designer (if at all possible) …. and watch how they would present both the types of imagery and research and text” . I know just the man –my son-in-law who lectures part time in Graphic Art and also runs his own business. I shall enlist his input and re-do the pdf and then also order a book from Blurb.

On a positive note he commented ” I couldn’t fault your photography from a technical perspective -you really have a close attention to detail and the work is very well presented” . He suggests I think about how I can remain in “full control of the creative output” by considering the format I use , i.e. landscape or portrait — I do seem to always use the landscape format. He wants me to explore historical images in more depth and has introduced me “to the notion of ‘Memes’ (not the internet type!!!…. But the place where the term was first coined …Richard Dawkins –The Selfish Gene (1976) Page 192.” He has given me a link HERE to his own research .

Reading suggestions

Dawkins , Richard . 1976. The Selfish Gene. Oxford University Press
Recommended because ” he actually had some really unique ways of describing human cultural transmission. Have a read about what he says and see if there might be something there for you to use within your photography“.
I have reserved a copy of this today via my local library .

Additionally Keith has recommended a novel he has recently read by Serbian author Dubravka Ugresic , The Museum of Unconditional Surrender. ” It was all about an imaginative investment into historic imagery …might be worth taking a look?” I have ordered my own copy today from Abe Books.

Hopefully I will have both books by next week.


4 thoughts on “Assignment 3: Tutor Feedback

  1. Stephanie Dh.

    Wonderful feedback Judy, well deserved, and such a great response to your work! I would love indeed to see this work in a book format. I am intrigued by the ‘meme’ concept, I’ll have to look into it too!


    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thank’s Stephanie , I intend to do a book when I have re-done my layout as recommended by my tutor . I’m intrigued by the ‘méme’ concept too , I am looking forward to researching this further .

      Liked by 1 person


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