Dad’s 100th Birthday

My dad would have been 100 today , he was born in Marazion, Cornwall on the 29th October 1915. I realise that a lot of what I know about his life has mainly been learned from others . He was a man of few words , reticent but very poplar too. I had the initial idea a few weeks ago that I would like to celebrate the centenary of his birthday and am wondering if this is something I could possibly incorporate into my final assignment . I have plenty of old photographic material and along with my memories , first-hand or assimilated I would like to create a narrative of his life. I shall mull this idea over and try to come up with a plan that I can send to my tutor.

Dad aged about 15

Dad aged 15-2


2 thoughts on “Dad’s 100th Birthday

  1. Judy Bach Post author

    It does seem a long time and what a lot has happened and changed over that period. Mum thinks it’s a good idea but I am unsure as yet how exactly I would approach it–I get my best ideas in the middle of the night when I am half asleep and have forgotten them when I get up in the morning–I should keep a pen & paper by me 🙂



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