Proposal : Assignment 5

This will be a continuation of my research into time , memory and loss , concepts I explored in both assignments 2 and 3.

Photographs are believed to verify events yet Timothy O’Grady describing three photographs of his father in the essay Memory , Photography , Ireland, makes him realise he knowns nothing about the man in the images ‘ they suggest a life I cannot know’ (O’Grady , 2006 , p.g 255) .

My dad was born in 1915, the youngest of three brothers and the first to pass away . As I approach the age he was when he died I find myself thinking of him more these days and realise , like O’Grady , how little I actually knew of the man I called ‘dad’ .

How do I propose to tell the story of a man who has been dead for nearly forty years but whose life and memory has played such a major role in my life , and continues to do so ?

As before I shall be using my case of family photographs and old possessions . I also return a few times each year to stay in the cottage where he was born , a place he loved and one I feel a sense of belonging too as well. I am due to go in February and plan to take some photographs whilst there.

As always I will produce prints but am interested in perhaps also presenting this work in book form but am unsure about this at the moment (I still need to re-do the book format for Assignment 3) . I have been very impressed with other students innovative presentations but am not too confident in my skills to try any of these out , I shall see how much time I have and if I can I might have a go at something different too.

References / Bibliography

Timothy O’Grady (2006) Memory, Photography, Ireland, Irish Studies Review, 14:2, 255-262, DOI: 10.1080/09670880600603729


4 thoughts on “Proposal : Assignment 5

  1. Catherine

    Yes, good luck with it Judy. Knowing you you will start from the germ of an idea which will grow and grow! Good as well that you’re continuing with a theme. I’m hoping that I will be able to do with this as well when I get to Level 2.

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