Working towards Assignment 5.

Old possessions

Some photographs of a few of my dad’s old possessions , precious things that evoke so many memories. I took quite a few , all similar but varying the position of the items slightly.

They are signifiers of his existence although he is no longer here.

I have a preference aesthetically for using a plain background when taking images of belongings such as these but something I need to think about is whether I continue to use the black backdrop and not use the recent photographs taken in Marazion or re-take these in some sort of location or use a different background . Should I try something different or stick to a style I like ? Is this part of finding my ‘voice’ , I find this such a difficult concept to figure out.

Whatever I decide I am going to present this assignment in colour . Having processed some of the images in both B&W and colour I much prefer the latter.

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Dad’s new silk shirt , never worn , brought back from his last ever holiday and made especially for him. It has been in the bottom of my wardrobe ever since .

I have varied the post shoot processing for each image.

1G8A4992 1G8A4991 1G8A4993

His old razor set

1G8A4974 1G8A4971


5 thoughts on “Working towards Assignment 5.

  1. Catherine

    Colours is definitely better. It makes the colours on the medal ribbons stand out. I prefer the top one of the shirt. It almost has life in it! Regarding colour though – I do prefer the b+w of the razor – it’s very sculptural, plus the arrangement is tighter.


  2. Judy Bach Post author

    Thanks Catherine, regarding the razor pic I know what you mean . I wish I could do a mix of B&W + colour but know that would not work well @ all . I shall re-take that one again , arranging the items is a painstaking process, my knees & back are playing up so I am finding it hard to bend and stand for very long ! I have a few ideas I want to try but am in bit of a flap as my 2 years is nearly up , I need to complete in the next 4 weeks !!!


  3. Catherine

    I know what you mean re the arrangement. I’m always surprised how close everything needs to be. I hate all the crouching and bending as well!
    I think you’ll be fine as you’re just about there and will then still have time to re-do anything before formal assessment. I’m in for July and have just enrolled for Digital Image & Culture – my first level 2 Module.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Judy Bach Post author

    I hope to go for July assement too . I rather like the look of Digital Image and Culture too , look forward to following your next blog 😊 & congrats on reaching level 2 .



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