Working towards Assignment 5.

Places and memory

I watched a TV play , The Stone Tape , in the early 1970’s (I wonder if anyone else remembers it? ) I have found it on youtube ( see below) but have not watched it again yet . I am not a huge fan of horror , I watch through my fingers or from behind a newspaper but it made a huge impression on me all those years ago . One particular aspect that struck me about this particular play (from what I can remember ) was the notion that the stone walls of a particular building were capable of retaining memories and playing back past events like a tape recorder.

Like the stone walls places too are capable of perpetuating memories and forming a connection with the past. I return to my dad’s birthplace and early childhood home frequently, I feel his presence all around, he loved it here but died many miles away . I wish I could bring him back home but his ashes were scattered elsewhere , I should have brought him back here .

I took these photographs on my most recent visit to try and articulate this visually . I am undecided whether I will be using any of these in the final assignment but it is the first time I have actually taken any photographs for what seems like a long time !




A memory.

‘Worse things happen at sea’ , he said.

I was just 16 and pregnant , my mother , understandably , was angry , upset and far more vocal than my dad. He came to my room one night on his own , not angry but simply said those words. I have always remembered them and how they comforted me . That baby is now 45 , I wish he could see her now , he would be so proud.



Worse things happen at sea



2 thoughts on “Working towards Assignment 5.

  1. Catherine

    Strong images Judy – stormy and full of feeling.
    I remember that play, I think it was ahead of its time and it made a big impression on me because I’ve always felt that buildings take on particular atmospheres according to who has lived there.


  2. Judy Bach Post author

    Hi Catherine , I am glad you got a sense of what I aimed to convey .
    We visited Inveraray Jail & Courthouse in Scotland once , the atmosphere was incredible . I actually had to leave some of the cells , the feeling of despair & misery of the former occupants was almost palpable , my daughter felt the same too. If ever you have the chance to visit there I can highly recommend it , despite the rather chilling atmosphere 🙂



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