K.K DePaul

I came across her work as I was looking for ideas on Pinterest and think it is really fascinating. She describes herself as a teller of tales , “my themes are memory and secrets . I have always been fascinated by multiple interpretations …double exposures and ambiguity

The images she creates are intriguing and capable of evoking a multitude of emotions. She describes “the layering of paper and photographic imagery as being similar to the way our mind organises memory…at different depths…one over another…constantly shifting.” Like Christian Boltanski , Joachim Schmid and Erik Kessels she searches flea markets looking for old books , maps and photographs to use in her collages . Similar to memories some parts are well defined whilst others more insubstantial , there is a surreal quality to the pieces .

Between the Lines
Collage work exploring family secrets which DePaul talks about HERE
Her grandfather was hanged for murder in 1929 , never spoken about by the family . DePaul inherited a box containing his private possessions following her grandmothers death. She came to the conclusion her grandfather had been guilty , something she feels her grandmother knew and wanted her to understand but had been unable to share in her lifetime. The work explores how women use deception , not in an malicious capacity , but as a safeguard for themselves and their relationship with others.

Only Child
Mixed media exploring the ambivalent nature of the daughter / father relationship.
DePaul’s project started following the death of her father , the son of her grandfather hanged for murder. Her father’s dysfunctional upbringing led him to attempt suicide twice , her relationship shifted as he became the one who needed to be cared for , a reversal of roles.

Accessed 3/4/16
Accessed 3/4/16
Accessed 3/4/16
Accessed 3/4/16
Accessed 3/4/16–some interesting work in the Blurb book  including DePaul’s
Accessed 3/4/16
Accessed 3/4/16

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    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Glad you like her work , I should imagine this is something you will be able to explore & incorporate into your next course . Looking forward to seeing your new blog –please send a link when it is up and running .



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