Working towards assignment 5

I still need to keep taking more photographs but have been experimenting again with double exposures and also processing in colour again . Initially I wanted to work in colour , changed my mind feeling that b&w were the better choice , but now find myself preferring the colour, they are perhaps more contemporary. I have printed a couple and am pleased that the tones are not too bright or highly saturated , aesthetically this would not work .


I re-processed the triple exposure below


I have emailed Keith about the use of historical images for the assignment as stand-alone photographs . He suggests these be used in addition the 15 needed . Not too sure which I will use or how many yet , I shall be scanning some more but below are the scans of a couple of my original photos , a newspaper clipping and a letter sent by my dad whilst in India . I intend to use some individually and a couple will be used to create diptych’s. I will write more about the context of the images when I do my final write up.

Dad & tiger 002


Newspaper clipping001

Dad's letter002

Dad's letter001

I will be printing the photographs , as always , but want to do another book. This needs to be presented differently to the prints . This is something I needed to amend for the PDF element of assignment 3 by placing all the historic images and scans used in a diptych on their own page . I am also wondering whether to print any of the historical stand-alone photographs I include along with the larger prints I will do, perhaps smaller 4×6. The originals will go back to the green case where they have ‘lived’ for quite some time.

A diptych of dad’s Chindits badge with one of the scanned  photographs above– taken presumably in a studio ! Dad is the young man sat down in front of the tiger on the bottom right.

Dad :Tiger : Chindits badge



I re-photographed the letter in the diptych below but will probably use the scanned version if this makes my final edit.

Letter : India x 1

Another diptych / a  double exposure and scanned newspaper.

Dad evacuation diptych


A single exposure using another photograph with the clipping and postcard.


Some of the double exposures work some don’t but I want to include a few in this assignment . I like their ambiguity , how they allude to hazy half-forgotten memories as the opaque layers of history are slightly revealed. A few more of my experiments below–some more successful than others.











I like the one below , the connotation , which suggests how he has been silenced , by time and death.


A diptych and a single exposure below

Dad : tribute







5 thoughts on “Working towards assignment 5

  1. Catherine

    There’s definitely a sense of you feeling a stronger direction now. Those medals stand out so well from their suitcase. I think I prefer to see the double exposures with a deeper opacity as in the top one with the balustrade. The final three images are, again, strong in evoking memory and loss.


    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thanks Catherine, I am getting there — slowly 😊 !
      Trouble is I wish I had more time as I keep getting new ideas but need to just get on with it and complete . I spend far too much time procrastinating!



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