Post-documentary art

Listen to Jim Goldberg talking about Open See and his exhibition at the Photographers Gallery

Visit Goldberg’s website and reflect on how or if it works as a documentary project within the gallery space.

Goldberg’s project is a thought-provoking and revealing insight into the world of illegal immigrants and refugee populations Goldberg encountered.

Hand written text accompanies many of the photographs and the short testimonials written by the subject are especially poignant
I pray everyday to go back to my normal life
Maria always alone hurt heart

Living on the periphery of society they could remain nameless and forgotten but Goldberg’s collaboration gives them a voice that reaches a wider audience via the gallery arena.

A book of the project contains both colour and b&w images of differing sizes.
Some are printed across both pages whilst others are kept small making it dynamic to view.

Accessed 26/4/16
Accessed 26/4/16
Accessed 26/4/16

2 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. Judy Bach Post author

    This is the first time I have come across his his work and I really like his approach to documentary . I wish I had more time to explore his work further .



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