Assignment 5: Reflection

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I have used a variety of focal lengths and techniques . Encouraged by my tutor Keith I have additionally used historic photographs to support my narrative as standalone images. For both my 2nd and 3rd assignment I used a plain black background , something I decided not to do throughout this series , but I was rather concerned about creating a visually consistent set and had doubts as to whether this was a good idea. However it forced me out of my comfort zone and once I made my final choices and put the work together I was pleased with the outcome.

Quality of outcome

Choosing the images , both historic and new , and how to present them , was quite a task. Completing the assignment has taken me far longer than I initially anticipated. I feel they successfully convey a narrative but also believe they do need to be seen with the written component in order to be understood in context . I have added a gallery to my blog that allows both image and text to be viewed together that I think works well.

I have printed and posted all the images to Keith at A4 size on my favourite paper , Permajet fibre Base Royal 325 , which unfortunately has now been discontinued. The historic images have been scanned and printed on the same size paper but at a smaller scale . Prints will always form a part of any work I produce and send for assessment.

I am going to work on an initial pdf version using Blurb to sent to Keith over the weekend , and intend to order a book that can be sent for assessment alongside the prints . I am very pleased with the book I have recently received from Blurb of my assignment 3 work. I need to spend some time in the future looking at various photo-books and how they are laid out , but I shall keep it simple for the time being. I would love to make a home-made photo book but am totally unsure of how best to do this , it is something I will attempt at a later date.

Fellow student Stephanie’s post about designing books here  is really informative and interesting.

I wavered between presenting the work in b&w or colour , finally deciding on the latter. As the course has progressed , and having to produce the 3rd assignment in colour , I have come to really enjoy processing my work in colour rather than b&w , it is perhaps more contemporary.

Demonstration of creativity

The documentary course has enabled me to use photography as a means of exploring subjective and personal emotions that over three assignments have evolved into a small body of work about time , memory and loss . I feel quite confident that the work shows elements of creativity and as in assignment 3 I have used some double exposures , a triple exposure (Evacuation) , along with diptych and triptych’s as a method of conveying personal thoughts and ideas.

Despite having used historical photographs before , and including them in either a diptych or double exposure , using them as standalone images is not something I have attempted for previous assignments . (Following Keith’s advice I amended my assignment 3 book dummy so that the historical images were each on their own page ) .


I have really struggled to keep up with the coursework owing to personal commitments and a nasty chest infection earlier in the year that put me back by a few weeks. However my blog is now nearly up to date , I have just a few exercises for the final section that need to be written up . I have researched some very interesting artists as suggested by Keith–* see list below–and found a few more when searching the internet too.
Their practice really influenced my approach to this final assignment. I have not visited any galleries recently nor managed to attend a student study day , which is something I really want (and need) to participate in but logistically it is not always possible . I am in touch with a few other student via their blogs and find this an invaluable source of support .

Researched / read as suggested by Keith
Joachim Schmidt
Tacita Dean
Erik Kessels
Joan Fontcuberta
Snapshots.Geoffrey Batchen.Published online 18 Sept 2008.
+ I am currently reading G. Hughes . Game Face :Douglas Huebler and the Voiding of Photographic Portraiture , write up to follow.

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