Review & rework

All my assignments have been printed at A4 size and seen by Keith but for assessment I am considering printing on A3 paper leaving a reasonable sized border all around for handling purposes . I shall present these in an archival portfolio box . I used a Silverprint archival portfolio box for my DPP submission and was impressed with the professional appearance it gave to my submission.

I have also decided to submit photo-books for my 2nd and 5th assignments along with the one I have already received from Blurb for assignment 3, in addition to the A3 prints. I have kept the design very simple and to the same format , a small softcover landscape book , printed on Pro-line Pearl paper , with a white cover. Each small book shares the same themes of time , memory and loss and I think it is important for them to be seen together in this format as a small body of work, and something to be kept by my family.
Assignment 1
A3 prints
+ I shall also submit the 2015 calendar that was produced because one of my images was included (November ) . I was really pleased about this because my role that day was as a ‘behind the scenes ‘ photographer .
November calendar 2015
Nov calendar credits
Assignment 2
A3 prints
+ photo-book
Assignment 3
A3 prints
+ photo-book
I am going to ask Keith’s advice as I am wondering whether to print the historical images on their own , as done for my 5th assignment , or leave as diptych’s .
+ photo-book —which I have now received & am very pleased with.
I was rather worried about the colour re-production but this is fine.
Assignment 4 
This has been very slightly altered as per Keith’s recommendations , and the unforgivable spelling mistake corrected !
Assignment 5
A3 prints
+ photo-book
I have used a couple of double page spreads but for some reason the pdf does not show this , they are seen as two separate pages , unlike how they will appear in the book.
Version 1 (I need to alter it slightly)
Version 2

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