Assignment 5 : Tutor feedback 

I have had some fantastic feedback from Keith who comments “ I think you have just really tapped into something that you enjoy exploring” . Before submitting the assignment I was rather anxious about whether , as a set , they were visually consistent but Keith said ” the series of images worked so well together and were literally flowing with reference——-It is a very well informed work , which in my opinion is well grounded in research into contemporary practice

I have sent Keith A4 prints for all my assignment submissions which he said were “always very well / professionally presented –which is great to see!”

Following Keith’s support and advice I felt secure enough to use historic and contemporary images as well as newspaper extracts . He wrote ” I really liked the variety of imagery on offer here …some were very complex in terms of overlaying and others , really simple in terms of a single newspaper clipping detailing a specific narrative. It is bold to be able to submit a photographic project of this nature …you display confidence within what you are submitting” . Keith concluded ” a very important and valuable piece of work in my opinion. Very well done!

He suggests I look at :
Sherrie Levine ( After Walker Evans )
Michael Mandiberg….anything
Evidence by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel

He also recommends reading W.G Sebald’s Austerlitz , which I know I had an unread copy of but can’t find it anywhere ! . My library has a copy so I shall borrow it from them.

Keith notes my blog “is all in order–I can’t fault your log really in terms of content” .

The assignment  was one of the toughest I have worked on yet so I am exceptionally happy to have had such a positive response. At one point I honestly didn’t think I would even manage to complete the course on time , even though I had been granted a 4 week extension . But the hard work has been worth it and I can’t thank Keith enough for his invaluable suggestions and input which enabled me to reach this point.


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