End of course reflection

I have finally reached the end of my first level two OCA photography course. There have been times over the past two years when I have wondered why I was even putting myself through such stress when I already have enough of that in my life. However the sense of achievement along with the discovery of previously unknown artists makes it all worthwhile but the main benefit has been how the coursework has helped me slowly begin to develop my own voice (I hope so anyway) . I have found working at this level quite intense , there is far more reading and independent research needed than required for the level one courses. There have been long periods of time when I haven’t even picked a camera up. The course has taken me over 2 years to complete and I was very grateful to be granted an extra 4 weeks by the OCA to complete , my work will be assessed in November.

I have looked back at my initial thoughts and expectations I noted in June 2014:
Documentary photography is commonly understood as providing factual evidence and recording the truth. However the aim of any documentary photographer is to inform , to show something. Hence as a genre the subject matter seems almost limitless and this is what makes it such an exiting subject to study. I am rather apprehensive about the coursework , I much prefer to work with people I know and do not enjoy taking surreptitious photographs of strangers in the street. I hope I can combine my love of portraiture with the assignments.

I certainly never expected to be where I am now as regards my personal practice . Portraits were included in my first three assignments but my fifth assignment was quite different. I really can’t thank my tutor Keith enough for his input and encouragement , without his valuable experience and suggestions I would not be at this point now. My interest in postmemory , the use of reappropriated vernacular and family photography , and my research into time , ageing and loss are all things I hope I can continue to explore in my next course Digital Image and Culture .

Thanks to all those who have followed my blog . I shall post a link to my new blog when I have set it up and hope you will join me again.

Judy 😃


6 thoughts on “End of course reflection

  1. Rob Townsend

    Very well done. Yours is one of the blogs I often refer to for comparison, inspiration and sometimes to make sure I’ve understood an exercise correctly 😉 Best of luck on your next course!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thanks Catherine. My coursework has arrived , it looks really interesting, can’t wait to start 😊 . Got s weeks holiday then will get stuck in !



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