It’s always a relief to get the results and I am pleased to say I have passed with 62% .
PDF below if anyone is interested in seeing the breakdown of marks and feedback.






18 thoughts on “Results

  1. Catherine

    Well-done Judy. It must be a relief to now be able to concentrate fully on Level 2. Interesting feedback, especially the comments re layering. that’s something I’m tussling with as well at the moment.

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    1. Judy Bach Post author

      Thanks Catherine , the feedback is always very useful . I used double exposures for the assignments , not layers created in PS , something I find so time consuming and tricky ! I would like to possibly do more layering for the next DI&C assignment but need to keep the feedback comments in mind .


  2. Anne Bryson

    Well done Judy and thank you for being open and brave enough to post your marks and comments. I always find the brief comment that goes along side the mark quite disconcerting because it them makes me wonder why the mark itself isn’t higher but the feedback at the end was very constructive and useful. I too found the comment about layering useful as I have been thinking about that for my current assignment.

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