Following a short Open University photography course I decided I wanted to continue with my study of photography and I have been studying photography with the Open College of the Arts— http://www.oca.ac.uk — for a few years now.

Like a lot of other students I juggle working & caring for my family alongside studying. It can often be very difficult but I have become passionate about photography as a medium through which to express myself. I feel the coursework is crucial if I want to develop (excuse the pun) as a photographer. I hope to eventually gain a BA Hons Photography degree—but that’s a long way– and a lot of work— ahead.

I have completed & passed thee level one courses so far :
The Art of Photography , People and Place , and Digital Photography Practice.

This is my first level 2 course and I am looking forward to the coursework but am also rather apprehensive. I love portraiture and often use my long suffering family as ‘models’ I hope I can manage to combine this with my documentary assignments.

Website http://judithbachphotography.weebly.com


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