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Telephone conversation

I spoke to Keith last night who told me my assignment work does not need any amendments for assessment . I asked about printing the historical photographs used for my 3rd assignment as standalone images (the same as my 5th assignment ) but he felt they were fine as they were.

We discussed printing at A3 size which he said would be great, just to make sure they are the same quality as the A4 prints I have sent to him for each assignment .

Along with the prints I shall also submit photo books for my 2nd , 3rd and 5th assignments .

He felt that during the course I had discovered my photographic metier and used this successfully in my personal explorations of time , memory and loss. This is something I really want to continue with during my studies , and Keith’s help with this during the course has been invaluable.

I have applied for November assessment which gives me plenty of time to print and label my A3 prints as well as complete the Blurb photo books .

I shall be enrolling on my next course shortly and have decided on Digital Image and Culture.


Review & rework

All my assignments have been printed at A4 size and seen by Keith but for assessment I am considering printing on A3 paper leaving a reasonable sized border all around for handling purposes . I shall present these in an archival portfolio box . I used a Silverprint archival portfolio box for my DPP submission and was impressed with the professional appearance it gave to my submission.

I have also decided to submit photo-books for my 2nd and 5th assignments along with the one I have already received from Blurb for assignment 3, in addition to the A3 prints. I have kept the design very simple and to the same format , a small softcover landscape book , printed on Pro-line Pearl paper , with a white cover. Each small book shares the same themes of time , memory and loss and I think it is important for them to be seen together in this format as a small body of work, and something to be kept by my family.
Assignment 1
A3 prints
+ I shall also submit the 2015 calendar that was produced because one of my images was included (November ) . I was really pleased about this because my role that day was as a ‘behind the scenes ‘ photographer .
November calendar 2015
Nov calendar credits
Assignment 2
A3 prints
+ photo-book
Assignment 3
A3 prints
+ photo-book
I am going to ask Keith’s advice as I am wondering whether to print the historical images on their own , as done for my 5th assignment , or leave as diptych’s .
+ photo-book —which I have now received & am very pleased with.
I was rather worried about the colour re-production but this is fine.
Assignment 4 
This has been very slightly altered as per Keith’s recommendations , and the unforgivable spelling mistake corrected !
Assignment 5
A3 prints
+ photo-book
I have used a couple of double page spreads but for some reason the pdf does not show this , they are seen as two separate pages , unlike how they will appear in the book.
Version 1 (I need to alter it slightly)
Version 2